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About Us
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About Us

We are seeing the big changes in the lives of the students of Garden School

Although these kids come from desperate and challenging home situations they are making amazing educational progress which is providing new hope for their future.

The founding Sow Love Zambia Team:

Madison Utz , Abigail Utz, Laura Joullian, Emily Ellis, Maya Shiff

The team will be back in Zambia in the summer of 2015 to once again share the love of Christ with the orphans of Zambia.


Fear held me glued to the airplane seat as my friend, Laura insisted I stand up and get off the plane before we were cut by the travelers behind us. Six months prior my parents proposed the idea of a mission trip to Zambia. I shrugged it off as just a vacation idea and focused on finding my place socially and academically as a freshman in high school. Once the decision was made however, I was concerned about going to a place where I had never been, especially spiritually. Even though Christianity had been part of my life, it was because my parents wanted it, not because I felt called to pursue the Lord.

I was hesitant to follow Laura off the plane, it had been a long time since I felt connected to God and I felt completely inadequate to teach the African orphans about Him. Ironically that night, founder of Family Legacy Missions International, Greer Kendall spoke to the Americans about the possibility of not feeling adequate to lead the children we would be assigned. He told us to pray for each of our children and to pray that the Lord would open our eyes to what He wants us to see. So when we got back to our villas I prayed, almost in tears, for each of my Zambian children. Not knowing how many children I would receive I stopped at 17 and finished my prayers with a sense of peace.

The next morning at CampLIFE I waited anxiously for the children I would be ministering to that week. Eventually the woman in charge said “These are your ten boys.” She instructed me to fill out a form listing each child. My boys were SO beautiful and huggable; I was suddenly excited for the week ahead! As I filled out the paperwork another woman asked me if I could take seven more. Without even thinking I answered yes and she asked, “So now you have 17?” My lack of response forced her to look up from her sheet and I was barely able to say yes from being so overwhelmed with the Lord’s awesome faithfulness and convicting ways. This was the moment for me, I knew Jesus was my Lord, Protector and Savior. This affirmation and my passion to protect these orphaned children led to the formation of Sow Love:Zambia.


I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. As I anxiously awaited the arrival of my group of children on that cold and windy Monday morning, I could not help but think of how inadequate and unqualified I was for this trip. I could barely lead myself through my walk with Christ, how in the world was I going to lead this group of young children through theirs, some of whom hadn’t even heard the name Jesus? Throughout the week, my group of sixteen girls taught me more than I could ever teach them. After seeing their unbelievably simplistic lifestyles and the joy that each of them possessed despite their wretched living conditions, I could not help but to drown in my feelings of guilt and selfishness.

Why am I so blessed with plentiful food, a safe and comfortable place to sleep at night, and family and friends who love me when my girls have none of these things? Why me? Why them? It just doesn’t seem fair. These thoughts and feelings simply would not leave my mind; clearly God was trying to get through to me. I acted on these feelings and eagerly helped launch our campaign Sow Love: Zambia. This entire incredible experience has been unlike any other; what started as an invitation to go on a mission trip from Madison in the middle of World History class turned into a journey that changed my life forever.


Our trip to Africa during the summer of 2010 truly changed my life. As the trip got closer and closer, my emotions were going crazy. I had no clue what I was in for. I had heard Madison and Laura’s stories from the previous summer and I really didn’t think that I was personally capable of leading a child in the right direction. Once we got to camp and I received my fifteen boys, I knew this week was going to be amazing.

Throughout our week in Zambia, one prayer particularly stuck with me. It was “Lord, break my heart for what breaks Yours.” So I prayed this prayer before I went to the boy’s village to see what they went home to each day after camp. It amazed me as we drove into the compound that my little boys, who were always so happy and always had a smile on their face, were living in such a dreadful place so full of darkness. This was my most convicting day of my trip to Zambia.

The Lord answered my prayer and showed me His heart when He looks upon Lusaka, Zambia… and it broke mine. My boys however were excited, excited to share the news they had learned at camp with complete strangers in their village. They ran from home to home, eager to help others by cleaning and sharing the Joy of the Lord. There was a special reason the seven of us went to Zambia this past year, and I believe it was to come together and let the Lord work through us to give to these children what they really deserve.


July of 2010 changed my perspective on life. I thought going into CampLIFE that I would meet some kids, play with them and simply have fun, but I had no idea what was in store. I had so much fun with the ten girls in my group but didn’t know what their situations at home were like. I assumed from their smiling faces that they must have good home lives. Once I saw their living conditions I was shocked; shocked they could live the way some were living and still be so happy. They were prime examples of having “the joy of the Lord” our theme at CampLIFE.

These ten girls opened my eyes. I couldn’t comprehend how they were happy, but now realize thanks to their incredible example that, the only thing I need in order to have joy, is God. I left Zambia with my heart broken for these children and the feeling that I couldn’t do anything for them. Each one of my girls had included in their prayer request to be able to finish school and have a career. I’m excited to be a part of raising money to build a school for the orphans at The Tree of Life. God chose the seven of us to go to Africa for a reason and that reason is Sow Love: Zambia.


After the incredible experience I had my first year at CampLIFE there was no turning back for me. I couldn’t wait to return and was overjoyed to be on a plane one year later heading to Lusaka; back to my little girls whom I love and who I have spent the year praying for. Upon our arrival I found out I would not see my little girls, but would be working with different children from a different village. This was quite a blow, like I had been punched in the stomach. After a night of little sleep, many tears and prayers, the Lord reminded me of what was really important, of my true purpose in being there; to serve Him by teaching His children His word. I was assigned twenty two new girls over the next two weeks. EVERY SINGLE ONE accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior!!! God is SO good!!

After nearly a month in Zambia I was not ready to leave and wept while I text my mom that I would never regret a moment if I would stay in Zambia for the rest of my life! I feel so insignificant in America and God has certainly placed on my heart a passion for the orphans… and for serving Him! Little did I know that my sister and her friends on the plane back to the states had come up with a plan on how to help those we were leaving behind. Once I heard about Sow Love: Zambia I had to be a part of it. This was perfect! We have the ability to change the lives of hundreds of children thousands of miles away and I am thankful the Lord is showing us the way.


On the flight home from Zambia Madison, Laura, Maya, Emily and I were so exhausted mentally and physically we thought for sure the last leg of the trip would comprise of nothing but sleep. However our hearts were unsettled and we couldn’t turn off what we had just seen and experienced firsthand. Something inside us was crying out for us to “do something!” Our minds were racing and instead of sleep we brainstormed for hours ways to help those beautiful, innocent children who’s arms were just hours ago hugging our necks, who’s smiles in the midst of their pain we’ll never forget and who tears we wiped away as we said good-bye. We shared the love of Jesus Christ with them to the best of our abilities and it had FULL IMPACT… on us as well as them!

At length it was decided we would raise money to build the next phase of the school at the Tree of Life Orphanage, and with this commitment our mission was set! We didn’t know how we would do it but as Greer Kendall, founder of FLMI, says, “Don’t get in the way of a miracle.” Feeling as if we had reaped more love from our orphans then we had sewn we hope to even the score and give to them what they cannot do for themselves. The name of our campaign, Sow Love: Zambia.