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The Story
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The Story

The Sow Love Zambia Story

Sow Love Zambia was a project inspired by God following a mission trip to Zambia Africa. Five Casady High School students from Oklahoma City traveled halfway across the globe to Lusaka, Zambia in the summer of 2010 with Family Legacy Missions International, a Dallas based nonprofit. The girl’s mission was to share the joy and love of Jesus Christ with some of the world’s most vulnerable children. With a life expectancy of only 48 years, a median age of less than 16, one of the highest per capita orphan rate on the planet, and a population decimated by poverty and AIDS, the children of Zambia are an extremely marginalized group. After a week of loving, crying, and laughing with these precious children, the Oklahoma City girls were changed forever.

As they traveled back to America and processed all that had occurred in Africa they realized they had left a piece of their hearts in Zambia. They also came to the conclusion that they must step in as advocate for “the least of these” and Sow Love Zambia was born. As they brainstormed regarding how they could make a positive impact in such a distressed environment, the Casady girls kept circling back to the Zambian childrens greatest desire; to get an education. After recruiting 14 additional friends the Sow Love team stepped out in faith believing that God would help them raise the $74,000 necessary to help build a five classroom school at an orphanage on the outskirts of Lusaka. After 8 months of creative fundraising their goal was met and on July 8, 2011, back in Lusaka Zambia the Sow Love Team along with 150 of Zambia’s most vulnerable children were present for the dedication ceremony and opening of the new school.

Once again we feel God nudging us to step out in faith

and continue His work in Zambia…which is among the most impoverished of all developing countries and has the highest per capita orphan rate on the planet! It would be a tremendous blessing if you could help us build a SECOND school. This one for the children living in the capital city of Lusaka in a slum area ironically called Garden. The name is misleading though as this extensive compound is built atop an old open-field sewage dump. But we know the precious children of Garden, and their stories, and they too desperately want to learn. As seniors we can’t imagine a better way to spend our last year in high school then to work together on behalf of God’s “least of these” (Matt 25:40).
So here we go again stepping out… and hoping you will join us!

With God’s blessings and your help we are continuing our support of the Garden School

In 2013, Sow Love’s focus is supporting the operations of the Garden school; the teachers’ salaries, the student’s books & supplies and additional classroom remodeling. The Sow Love team  is excited to return to Zambia to see the new Garden school, meet the teachers and see those precious kids again!

We are seeing the big changes in the lives of the students of Garden School

Although these kids come from desperate and challenging home situations they are making amazing educational progress which is providing new hope for their future.

It is now to expand and remodel

The Garden School is thriving and it is now time to expand and remodel to serve an ever growing population of students who would otherwise not have access to education.